Distressing Wood

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Woodworking

I often use a distressed or vintage style finish on my pieces. Most of what I build utilizes scrap or reclaimed wood and I just love giving a piece a vintage look. I basically start by gauging and burning the wood. Scraping and sanding it. Really just experiment. In my opinion there is no wrong way to do this just be creative. After that has been achieved i mix a custom tinted stain then topcoat with a glaze. Be sure to let each layer completely dry. The glaze really brings out the depth of the piece and gives it that aged appearance. From there i tweak the piece by adding more stain, burn marks, glaze, worm holes. Basically whatever you feal gets you to the look you are after. Now this is for a stain grade piece. This can also be done with paint but that is another post all together. Once everything fully drys use your topcoat of choice and your done.

Remember to let every layer fully dry! If you do not you will have adhesion problems and you will have to start over from scratch. You can mix oil and water based finishes but in that case be sure all coats not only dry be sure they cure. In my opinion its best to stick with either solvents or water and the process will be trouble free.

Have a look at what tools I personally use!


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