Olivia Charles Antiques

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Reviews
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As I cruise Etsy looking for a new talented woodworker to showcase on my blog I stumbled upon this beautiful Adirondack chair made from reclaimed lumber. It is truly a great interpretation of such a classic piece. The reclaimed lumber just takes it a step further and gives you the feeling of being close to a part of history in both the design and materials used.


Now as I read on about the creator to learn more about this talented artisan Kristin Prickett. I realized that 20 % off all proceeds from there sales went to The Olivia Charles Foundation. This is a foundation which was set up in honor of the young daughter who passed away. It is such a horrible misfortune that should never happen to any mother or father. However they took there misfortune and decided to do good and help others. I ask that all me readers please head over to there websites below and show some support. Not only will you be buying a beautiful piece of furniture but you will also help there daughters memory live on.

Olivia Charles Antiques Store

The Best From Our Nest

The Olivia Charles Foundation


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