3 things you can do with your scrap wood

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

If you are a woodworker then you know it is inevitable that you will stock pile all your leftover scraps from projects. No matter how hard you try you will always have some waste left behind. If you are anything like me then you do not just toss your scraps out with the trash. It really is a huge waste of a tree. At first it may not seem like it is but once you start creating things from your scraps you soon realize how much you were really wasting.

1. Donate to Habitat For Humanity

Habitat For Humanity is always taking in donations of materials including lumber. Small cut off’s may not be so useful to them, so make sure you are donating your larger scraps. You will be able to free up some garage space and also help a great non profit organization build housing for those who are less fortunate.


2. Build Something

Thats right build something with those scraps! Just because there scraps does not mean they will not be useful in any future projects. Step back and think outside the box a little and have some fun. Make a planter box, table, mirror, or really anything just be creative. I enjoy this so much that I almost prefer to build with scraps and reclaimed lumber. Have a look at this coffee table I built for my den. These were all left over scraps I found around my garage that I almost through out. I got creative and I now have a piece of furniture my fiance and I love.

3. Make some lump charcoal

Do you like to barbecue as much as I do? Grilling is another passion of mine and this is where my completely unusable  scraps  will usually end up. I will either just out right cook with the scraps depending on the species. Or I will make a whole bunch of lump charcoal to last several weeks. I am all about saving money and every bit helps. Not to mention you will know that you utilized every last bit of that tree and now it even helped feed you.

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