6 steps to gain exposure as an artist

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Blog, Uncategorized
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Its hard being a successful artist or furniture builder professionally. It takes years of dedication and patience. Here are a few steps in no particular order than I think can help any aspiring artist gain the exposure they are looking for in order to become a successful artisan.

1.  create a website:

This is a must for any aspiring artist. Create a website where you can display your online portfolio, contact information, and even a web store.  This 1st step directly influences how successful my other recommended steps will be. This is the easiest way for a large audience to view your portfolio. It was the single-handed best decision I made as an artist. Web hosting is very affordable these days. You do not even have to be very tech savvy to run one these days because there are several d.i.y. friendly resources out there for unexperienced webmasters.

2.  start a mailing list:

Starting a mailing list is a great way to stay in touch with your followers or customers. Be sure to add a sign up form to your website and social marketing sites. This is a great way to contact a large group of visitors all at once. Depending on how many subscribers you have there are several free and paid online email marketing companies out there. I personally use a service called iContact. You can find out more about their services over at http://www.icontact.com.

3. social network marketing:

Don’t underestimate social networks. Many people tend to shy away from this source of marketing but it is a very powerful option. Realistically I receive at least 50% of my traffic from social network marketing. It is an easy way to connect with millions of potential visitors and customers. When it comes to social marketing you have many options. Facebook, myspace, google+, twitter and more. Dont join just one join them all. Each one has its positives and negatives and each one attracts a certain group of people.

4. startup a blog:

Start a blog to keep viewers up to date with your new projects. Show them how to paint or build the way you do. Offer tutorials, tips and tricks, or just documentation of your process. Try and stay away from too much personal information and focus more on content that inspires or interests your viewers. Most viewers will follow your blog because they are interested in your techniques and style. No necessarily to follow your personal life. Always remember that content is king and the viewers will come.

5. network with other artists:

Network with other artists, bloggers, webmasters, and galleries  in your niche.  Swap links with them to exchange traffic. Comment on there posts or blogs. Send them an email to introduce yourself and your website.  Try and submit free content or some of your personal work. Basically scour the web for any site that is related to yours and contact them. You may not get responses from a lot of them. You may get some that do not want to trade links. But don’t give up and you will get some bites eventually. Networking with like-minded artists is easy traffic and will gain you exposure in the long run.

6. make a business card and CD:

Not all marketing has to or will be done online. For me online marketing takes center stage. That is due to the fact that my city does not have many avenues of exposure for an artist. Most art shows and gallery shows I am a part of are not even in my city. So personally I gain most of my exposure online. However this will vary for every artist and some of you may live in thriving artistic communities. So you at least need a business card either on paper or in the form of a cd. I tend to use both personally because each serves its own purpose. A card is something a person will keep on them and show to friends, some people even just collect business cards so you know this is something that is usually in someones wallet or purse. A CD with images of your work is another choice. It is a great way for someone to easily view your work all in one place. Be sure to add your resume and artist bio to this along with contact info.

  1. Tracy says:

    Great suggestions! Never thought of having a cd ready to roll with bio/CV. I can see how that could be handy and a time-saver.
    Thanks for the insight!!

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