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Posted: September 24, 2011 in Blog, Uncategorized
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This type of marketing serves everyone well. Weather you are a freelance artist, furniture builder, web developer, or business owner everyone who is serious about business needs a email newsletter. This should be one of the first things any serious entrepreneur addresses. The sooner the better.

Why you need to utilize email marketing ?

Now lets talk about why you need a email newsletter. A email mailing list allows you to contact a large group of people all at once. Instead of just tweating or posting on facebook a email allows you to connect with your viewers on a more personal level.  The strength of email marketing lies in the mailing list. The more subscribers you can amass the more successful you will be. To do this you want to add a mailing list sign up form anywhere you can. You can add a sign up form on your website, facebook, and blog easily. This allows users to easily and quickly sign up by just entering there email address.

How do I set one up?

The process of setting up a newsletter is very easy and anyone can easily do it. You don’t have to be a super tech savvy computer nerd to get your own email newsletter up and running. Their are several choices online for companies that offer both free and paid email marketing programs. However I will only be discussing two choices here as I think they are the two best choices on the web right now. You can choose from either iContact at or Aweber at You can not go wrong with either as they are both great choices. Sign up and start compiling your mailing list. When you start out you will not have any subscribers but you should have a email account with years worth of emails. Icontact you can simply copy and paste every conact  you have and Icontact will add all the emails for you. I started with a very substantial mailing list by employing this technique from the start . You do not however want to spam anyone so be sure you send them all a confirmation email allowing them to choose weather or not they want to be on your mailing list.

What should I talk about?

Now you may be asking yourself, why do I need a newsletter when I update my site often? Well your visitors may not be viewing your site daily. They may have been an old viewer and forgot you existed. This is a quick and easy way to keep all your viewers both old and new in the loop. I personally use my mailing list to contact visitors about new updates to my website. I will also update them on new paintings or new pieces of furniture that I am working on or offering up for sale. I will also use them to promote other partners products that I review in order to spread the exposure to others. What you decided to write about in your newsletter really depends on the type of website or product you are offering and the possibilities are endless.

Thank You!

I hope everyone learns something from this blog and implements a email mailing list if they are not using one already. As always if you have any questions or need help setting one up email me or post a comment. I am always willing to share my knowledge with everyone.


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