Featured Artist Al Molina

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Artwork, Blog, Reviews
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Al Molina is an artist based out of Corpus Christi, Relatively new to the Art world, Al brings his unique vision and style to his paintings, Making his work highly recognizable in Corpus Christi, His goal is to bring in people who normally wouldn’t look twice at art and make them fans by giving them something they love, remember or can relate to.

Although Al has only been published in the local scene of his home town, he has managed to branch out via internet and has sold several pieces throughout the United States and Canada, He has painted portraits for Celebrities, in both, movies and the music world, His work can currently be scene at www.al-molina.artistwebsites.com

  1. Desirea Diaz says:

    This is pretty cool. Makes you think even a small time artist from corpus can make a name for himself. p.s. i like the dime bag piece 😉

  2. James A Walsh https://jonnytranscend.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/featured-artist-al-molina/ says:

    I had never really looked at art let alone purchased it. When I saw Hellboy on his Facebook page I had to have it. I now own 5 of Al’s paintings and also see “art” in other purchases I make for my home. Thank you Molina, you opened my eyes.

  3. James A Walsh says:

    I had never really looked at art before I saw Hellboy on Al’s Facebook page. I purchase that painting and 4 more since then. I am also a weekend picker who now looks at everything a little differently. Al has changed my outlook for just about everything I add to my home.

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