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Chris Kuchta is a horror artist, art instructor and freelance illustrator hailing from Lafayette, Indiana. A graduate of American Academy of Art in 2000, he has since studied art all over the globe. In 2004 he opened the Kuchta Academy of Fine Art and Illustration and has been teaching Academic Drawing and Painting as well as Digital Art and Graphic Design.

In addition to teaching, he has also worked as a freelance illustrator and portrait painter. His current projects include a series of movie monster paintings and prints, concept illustration for film and animation, story-boarding and a comic graphic novel entitled Escalation. When not drawing and painting he can be found with his wife Lori and two cats Vincent and Hop.

Chris is truly a very talented artist and one of my personal favorite artists I have recently discovered. If you enjoy his artwork please be sure to visit his website at Also be sure to stop by his facebook at www.facebook.comand add him to your friends.


Carlos Garcia a self taught artist from Corpus Christi Texas has been a artist since birth. Carlos is influenced by a variety of art forms including graffiti, street art, old masters and modern master. Some artist’s that influence his art are Warhol, Picasso, Giger, and Carravaggio. His art is also heavily influenced by the world of tattoo art. His work is full of bright colors and beautiful curvy women. All of this truly gives Carlos is innovative thought provoking style. His paintings contain graphic imagery and risky content all created with beautiful and bold bright colors. If you would like to see more of Carlos Garcia’s art or would like to see what his new projects might be then please visit his Facebook at


Al Molina is an artist based out of Corpus Christi, Relatively new to the Art world, Al brings his unique vision and style to his paintings, Making his work highly recognizable in Corpus Christi, His goal is to bring in people who normally wouldn’t look twice at art and make them fans by giving them something they love, remember or can relate to.

Although Al has only been published in the local scene of his home town, he has managed to branch out via internet and has sold several pieces throughout the United States and Canada, He has painted portraits for Celebrities, in both, movies and the music world, His work can currently be scene at

Toby Hardman

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Reviews
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It never ceases to amaze me just how much talent is on Etsy. In a day of mass production and machine-made particle board furniture its nice to find so many skilled artisans creating handmade pieces. Today I stumbled across Toby Hardman a woodworker from Colorado who specializes in tables, chests, benches, and more. He displays many of his standard pieces in his Etsy store but he also takes on custom commissions.  His pieces are crafted in a very simple but classic style that lets the beauty of the wood show through. The hand selected wood he works with really give each piece a separate identity which means no two pieces are ever the same. If you like what you see here as much as I do then please visit his Etsy store and support the art of handmade furniture by spending some money at his shop.

I am a sucker for anything made from reclaimed materials. Especially when it is made from reclaimed lumber. The older the better for me. It gives that piece a special touch of history. And when it comes to old lumber I stumbled across Thezenartist on Etsy. He is using some of the oldest old growth lumber on Etsy. This type of lumber is unheard of being found these days. The fusion of the reclaimed lumber and hairpin legs on this vintage modern table is timeless and beautiful.  If you enjoyed this piece please head over to the artist’s Etsy store Thezenartist and have a look for your self!

I’m just sitting here in my den having a nice cup of joe checking my emails. When I stumble across a email from a friend telling me to have a look at some nice furniture to review. So I have a look and wow I was Impressed. The woodworker is Chris Jones of Cristopher Original. What I truly enjoy about his work is the fusion of modern design with rustic and vintage reclaimed lummber and design. I am not a huge fan of modern design but this is done in a way that really inspires me. So if you like what you see head over to his website or Etsy store and buy some custom furniture.
Etsy Store

As I cruise Etsy looking for a new talented woodworker to showcase on my blog I stumbled upon this beautiful Adirondack chair made from reclaimed lumber. It is truly a great interpretation of such a classic piece. The reclaimed lumber just takes it a step further and gives you the feeling of being close to a part of history in both the design and materials used.


Now as I read on about the creator to learn more about this talented artisan Kristin Prickett. I realized that 20 % off all proceeds from there sales went to The Olivia Charles Foundation. This is a foundation which was set up in honor of the young daughter who passed away. It is such a horrible misfortune that should never happen to any mother or father. However they took there misfortune and decided to do good and help others. I ask that all me readers please head over to there websites below and show some support. Not only will you be buying a beautiful piece of furniture but you will also help there daughters memory live on.

Olivia Charles Antiques Store

The Best From Our Nest

The Olivia Charles Foundation