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I have been an artist most of my life. The last 10 years I have really dedicated a huge amount of energy to try to grow my career as an artist. The last 3 years have been my most successful as an artist and I have slowly built a following of people who respect what I do. I am lucky enough to sell some art now which is a great thing. Not because of the money, the money does help when you are a struggling artist but I am happy to sell art just because people are willing to hang my art in their home. I am at a turning point now where I have decided to give my art even more attention than ever. I am putting woodworking on the back burner. Selling a lot of my tools to fund my new projects and painting much more daily.

I have now decided to start a 6-8 month project based completely around exploring techniques and mediums I have never used.  I have also decided to do something a bit out the box for me and extensively document this entire process. I will be filming daily and writing a journal that will coincide with my art and filming. I have decided to do this in the hope of letting people really know who I am as an artist and a person. This project will culminate with several art shows dedicated to these pieces of artwork that I will create. The art shows themselves will be an entirely different animal that what I usually produce. It is my hope to create a art show that will be a piece of art all its own. In the end I hope to compile my video and writings and incorporate them into the exhibitions I plan to hold. I have not exactly figured out how yet but the documentation will play a huge part in the creation of my art shows. Just like my art all of this project will evolve over time so please subscribe to the blog and mailing list to get all the updates for my new project. I will be posting videos, art, and writings here along with more info on the planned art shows and the new body of artwork.


Lowbrow Art

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Artwork, Blog
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Like the title says I have decided to feature artists on my blog. I know as an aspiring artist any exposure is good exposure. So I plan to feature random skilled artists of all types. To me art is art no matter what medium you use. If you love to create whether it be painting, sculpting, drawing, or building furniture I want to feature you on my site.  Now not everyone that enters will be featured but take the chance and send me an email to  with some samples of your art and you might just be featured on the blog. Not only that but I will also include free email blasts and social marketing blasts for any artist that is featured on my blog. Don’t worry there is no catch it’s all free! I just want to give back and help others get some free exposure! Now start sending me some emails! I already have several artists chosen for this month so this will be on a first come basis.

I love painting live and watching other artist paint live is inspiring for me. My good friend  Rob (the guy in the first pic) is the one who got me into painting live. He puts on a live art show in San Antonio Texas called Artslam. You can check out their website at to learn more about them. Here are a few pics from some of the shows over the years. They have been rocking live art for over 5 years with no signs of stopping any time soon.