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I am a featured artist over at Artsy Shark! If you are not familiar with the site be sure to visit it to learn more about it. It is a really great resource for emerging artists of all types. If you are not an artist but rather an art enthusiast the website still has something for you too. It is a great place to find new artists with great talent. You can view my Artsy Shark feature by following the link below.

jonny transcend featured artist at Artsy Shark


I have been an artist most of my life. However I have only been trying to make it a career the last five years. Over this time I have pushed myself hard to evolve as a more well rounded artist. Without any real training being a self taught artist is no easy task especially is you want to make a living doing it. At this point in my life I am very content with where I am and I am lucky to have many fans that appreciate what I do and buy my art. No matter what their is always room to grow and evolve as an artist. This has lead me to my newest paintings. I have decided to stop painting the way I am familiar with and push myself to use new medium’s and techniques. Over the next three to six months I am planning to work on a series of several new paintings in which I will thoroughly document my process through photos and video. The culmination of this project will result in several art-shows specifically dedicated to this new body of work.  Below are a few samples of what I plan to be working on.

Lowbrow Art

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Artwork, Blog
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Al Molina is an artist based out of Corpus Christi, Relatively new to the Art world, Al brings his unique vision and style to his paintings, Making his work highly recognizable in Corpus Christi, His goal is to bring in people who normally wouldn’t look twice at art and make them fans by giving them something they love, remember or can relate to.

Although Al has only been published in the local scene of his home town, he has managed to branch out via internet and has sold several pieces throughout the United States and Canada, He has painted portraits for Celebrities, in both, movies and the music world, His work can currently be scene at

Evening Inspiration

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Artwork, Blog
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Like the title says I have decided to feature artists on my blog. I know as an aspiring artist any exposure is good exposure. So I plan to feature random skilled artists of all types. To me art is art no matter what medium you use. If you love to create whether it be painting, sculpting, drawing, or building furniture I want to feature you on my site.  Now not everyone that enters will be featured but take the chance and send me an email to  with some samples of your art and you might just be featured on the blog. Not only that but I will also include free email blasts and social marketing blasts for any artist that is featured on my blog. Don’t worry there is no catch it’s all free! I just want to give back and help others get some free exposure! Now start sending me some emails! I already have several artists chosen for this month so this will be on a first come basis.

Kids Mural’s Complete!

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Artwork
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This is the culmination of 3 murals I painted for a local business.  This was a type of project I do not normally do but it was a blast. I had a lot of fun trying something different for once. It really effected the way I approach painting and was a refreshing change.  I think all artist’s should try stepping out of their comfort zone once and while and see what they can create.