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I have been an artist most of my life. However I have only been trying to make it a career the last five years. Over this time I have pushed myself hard to evolve as a more well rounded artist. Without any real training being a self taught artist is no easy task especially is you want to make a living doing it. At this point in my life I am very content with where I am and I am lucky to have many fans that appreciate what I do and buy my art. No matter what their is always room to grow and evolve as an artist. This has lead me to my newest paintings. I have decided to stop painting the way I am familiar with and push myself to use new medium’s and techniques. Over the next three to six months I am planning to work on a series of several new paintings in which I will thoroughly document my process through photos and video. The culmination of this project will result in several art-shows specifically dedicated to this new body of work.  Below are a few samples of what I plan to be working on.


I may not build the most traditional pieces of furniture out there. I break a lot of rules and do things differently. That’s how I have always done it. I am not trying to imitate styles of the past. I am trying to push the limits of what is acceptable. That’s now how its always was. When I started I was very concerned about only using the best lumber and materials. I worked with only the highest materials. To some extent I still do. But as I evolve as a furniture maker I have realized something. Every piece does not have to be perfect and fit into a certain category. By understanding this I was set free as a artist. It allowed me to really evolve my skill set. I can step back and just break loose and get lost in my work and truly create art. I have come to a point where I cruise the streets for tossed out items and lumber. Anything that is destined for the landfill is a material I want to work with. I give these forgotten items a new lease on life. It truly brings me such a great feeling of accomplishment. As time goes on I go to the lumber yard less and the swap meets more. Lets see where this takes my work.